Charlie Rich

Charlie Rich - It Makes Me Want to Cry

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(Eddie Rabbitt - Dick Heard - Van Trevor)

I wake up in the morning and I watch you sleeping there

I whisper that I love you and gently touch your hand

Your eyes begin to open and you realize it's me

Then you get that cold look in your eyes and it makes me wanta cry

It makes me wanta cry.

You used to be my woman and now you act so strange

Eveyrthing I gave you but your love for me has changed

You know it just ain't natural but you don't want your man

I don't understand you won't even try and it makes wanta cry

Woman, it makes me wanta cry.

This room is cold and silent like your forbidding heart

My hand can almost touch you yet we're so far apart

But if that's how I must love you then I'll stay here by your side

Dreaming of the love the love you deniend but it makes me wanta cry

Baby, it makes me wanta cry, it makes me wanta cry...

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