Charlene - It Ain't Easy Comin' Down lyrics

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You were sun, I was sky

And you gently moved into me

And your light came

Shining through me

To the darkness inside

You were touch, I was feel

And the love just eased between us

As though time had never seen us

When you're up that high

Then say goodbye


It ain't easy coming down

No, it ain't easy coming down

It was so easy to pretend

Our world would never end

But suddenly, I found

It's coming down

You were rain, I was grass

And I needed you for growing

And my life was overflowing

With the feeling of you

I was sand, you were sea

And you made the tide move faster

But the wind was still your master

Though you wanted me

You must be free

[repeat CHORUS]

Down, down, down, down

It ain't easy coming down

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