Charlene - Freddie

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Freddie, be free from the pain<br />

Is the world the same<br />

Since you have gone away<br />

<br />

Hey, Freddie<br />

I'd go back if I could<br />

Life was sure looking good<br />

With you here yesterday<br />

<br />

We're afraid of things<br />

That we don't understand<br />

Why did you close the show<br />

It just began<br />

<br />

Did you feel that maybe<br />

You weren't loved enough<br />

Or were you afraid of<br />

Being loved too much<br />

<br />

Freddie, there were<br />

Clouds in your mind<br />

But we all need some time<br />

To learn what we're about<br />

<br />

Hey, Freddie<br />

Dreams don't come ready made<br />

If you only had stayed<br />

We'd have worked it out<br />

<br />

I believed it all<br />

The things that love can do<br />

And you believed in love<br />

But not in you<br />

<br />

No, I never had a<br />

Chance to say goodbye<br />

Please forgive me<br />

But there's something in my eye

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