Chante Moore

Chante Moore - M-a-n lyrics

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Verse 1

When I first saw you I had nothing to compare to

How could I recognize the man of a life time

But when you first told me of the secrets deep within me

I had to admit

This is it

If it not had been fortold

The love that would unfold

Cant wait til it overflows

Just look no one even knows

I cant deny it

Im ready to try

When I look in your eyes

I feel butterflies


Ya Ya Pa Pa


Man oh Man

Man of a Life Time

verse 2

You know I had to get near you cause

Your pullin my trigger DUCK

Im bout to blow

I think you know Your fullfilling my fantasies

I had before you and me

You knew without know

And my mind is blowing

Come take a trip

Come take a dip

I think I knew what eve felt before they slipped

Safe in your arms

Deep in your arms

Ive waited so long to sing you this song


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