CELINE DION - Any Other Way

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Sorry I know I'm late<br>Guess I lost all track of time<br>Started walking and couldn't stop turning it over in my mind<br>Trying to make some sense of it<br>Trying to make the pieces fit<br>I thought I covered my tracks so well<br>But now he says he knew about it from the start<br>Yeah he knew about us all along ...<br><br>If there was any other way<br>Don't you think I've tried to find it<br>Don't you think I want to stay<br>If there was any other way love<br>There's no way out of this<br>There just ain't any other way ...<br><br>Maybe I'd better be leaving now<br>But there's something I want you to understand before I go<br>Sometimes we don't have a choice when we play and break the rules<br>I just had to see you darlin', one more time<br>If only just to say good bye<br>'cos he knew about us all the time<br><br>I never wanted to be like this<br>I never meant to get serious<br>But now the thought of losing you<br>Takes some getting used to

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