Cee-Lo Green

Cee-Lo Green - One For The Road

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Yeah, mmm mmm mmm, yeah that sho' feel good.

Hello! I go by the name of simply Cee-Lo Green - how do you do?

Welcome. I thought I'd seize this opportunity to tell you a little

bit more about myself if you don't mind. This is my vision.

YouknowhatI'msaying? Check me out now. Uhh

I have millenniums of material and rivers of rhythm

An entire ocean of emotion that's enlightening to swim in

Also a forest of feeling, beaten paths of peace

Trapped inside my silhouette I have to speak to release

Demanding more from the pen than I horde from the pen

The line between playing to win and sin is thin

But I walk it with grace and I talk it with taste

I am that raw, simply put, and I rest my case; it's elementary

Yet far more than resources to pay the rent for me

Everything that I've done is divine

Ask God, he'll tell ya, yeah, he mine

So, you see, you don't need another thug out of me

That is the last thing I plan to be on this LP

But I'ma go slip into something mo' comfortable and continue the lesson

No inconvenience at all, I insist on leaving an impression

So relax, and ride out. Relax, okay, and ride out

Just relax, and ride out. Players, relax, and ride out

I also solicit visual verbalism worth a visit

Intensely exquisite artism inquire all. Who is it?

It's a deliciously daring delicacy I eat to exist

Oh, he's waving those words, I want seconds and thirds

Oh, hush. That's awful kind of you, you're making me blush

I could use some competition, but they not making me much

Man, this beat is like my master, it's making me bust

Hip-hop is suffering, meaning I'm a necessity, if nothing

But you like every other rapper - cornrows and a bandana

But I get a hundred and fifty thousand dollar check

every three months off Santana

Don't you fuck up, though, my family is the whole side of Atlanta

Now, how can I say? Okay, let me just put it this way

If anyone ever contests my conquest my gun best

Yo son just, takes one time to be one less

Til you run and tell the rest that I'm the best

I sang sweet, but brang heat to bang meat

We all on the same street

And it's not that often I verbalize the essential element of surprise

I am not one of these thug rapper guys

But this one will help you realize, and use both eyes to recognize

the type of action that this amount of money buys

Now listen son, let me drop some shit on you man

I can just "do-do-do-do-do-do-do" and put a hit on you man

Aith hot heat that will make your heart beat quit on you man

And Mr. Dawson'll find a pretty box to fit all you man

So relax, and ride out. Just relax, young man, and ride out

Hey, you better relax, and ride out. Okay? Just relax, and ride out

I could take that shit all day

But if I only had sixteen more bars to live

I'd get high, and hopefully O.D. on an alternative

I'd give a dim lit dream, a colour scheme

And I'd swim for the sun (so far) no matter how impossible that may seem

I'd bury my feet in the foundation of a forest Becoming one with

everything there

I would be long. I would be right and wrong. But I'd be rare

And then I would pretend I didn't care. Use my fear

And pray that my forever would be fare.

And I love you all, unconditional, I get misty already missing y'all

And then I forgive those who rhyme to kill the time

While mine cultivate the consciousness and

Chill the spine, heal the mind, yet still sublime

Ride out. Relax, and ride out. Relax, and ride out. Relax, and ride out

This is one for the road. Yeah. One time for your motherfucking mind

I told how you motherfucking play. D.F. y'all. Believe this. Yeah

Shouts out to Outkast, Goodie Mob. Yeah, Backbone, where ya at brother?

(Hey) Hahaha. Alright. (Easy now) Hahaha. Yeah. Can't nobody stop me now

No, sir. Yeah. I'm gone, y'all. Oh, man. It's lovely. Ahahah. Yeah

Somebody better stop me. Hahaha.

Cause I'm good. Heheheheh. Yeah. Hahahahah

Alright now. Heheheh. Yeah.

Alright, we gonna relax, cause it feels so good

Everybody doing their godamn thing. Yeah

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