Cee-Lo Green

Cee-Lo Green - Fool For You (Radio Edit)

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Whats that real, that deep, that burnin, that amazing, unconditional, inseperable LOVE!

That feel like forever, that always emotional but still exceptional LOVE!

Can't nobody tell me nothin, it is what it is!

ANDDD every mistake you make EYE! EYE! just may forgive!

OHH! Right now! Right now! at this very moment, still love her like I loved her then!

OHH! I love her in and out and up and down and round and round and all ova and all ova again!

Sooo rare they swear that YOUUU! just dont exist!

ANDDD! its only one person I can think of make me feel like this!


I'm a foooooooooool! Such a fooooooool! For Youuuuuuuu!


OHH! So sweet, so deep, so real, ooo-wee! GOT DAYUM! thats some powerful stuff!!

OHH! How ya do it, just do do it, keep me coming, baby I cant seem to get enough!

What you do, what you say, makes me wanna LUH LUH luv ya baby, I dont even have a choice!

OHH! and if i did, it still be youuu! cuz you the man among these other boys!

Sweet suga, I surrender, white flag, ohh I wont even put up a fight!

OHH! cuz there aint a dayum thing wrong about this kind of lovin ooo when it feels so right!!

Gonna, write a letter, tell it to my momma and she gone tell the world that I love YOU!

OHH! Some people probably say im crazy but I dont mind being a fool for youuuu!


I'm a foooooool! (Mel: Ima fool) Such a foooool!

(Mel: Such a fool, such a fool, such a fool! )

For youuuuuuu! (Mel: for youuuuuaahhhh)




(Mel: Ima fool baby!)

ooooo chile!

(Mel: ooooooooooooooo!)

Ima fool! (Mel: Ima fool!) Sucha fool!

(Mel: Like a fool!) Ima fool! (Mel: ayeeee ayeee!)

ooo baby! AHohhhh! (Mel: AHohhhh!)

ayee lawd! baby!

(Background: ima fool! ima fool! ima fool! ima fool! ima fool! ima fool!)

For you momma! (Mel: For you daddy!)

Please baby beggin ahhh have mercy on me! (Mel: Pleaseeeee!)

Have mercy! Have a little mercy on me! ooo wee!

(Mel: Show a little mercy baby! uhhh!)

(Mel: AHHHHHHHOH! ooooyeahhh!) oooyeahhh!

For you (Mel: ima fool! Ima fool! IMA FOOL!)

Thanks to Smh for correcting these lyrics

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