Cee-Lo Green

Cee-Lo Green - Big Ole Words (Damn)

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Mm hmm

Ok, Ok


Y'all thought I lost it

[Verse One: Cee-Lo]

In no fashion have I lost my passion for the pen

It's just that lately life has been a lost less inspirin

To tell you the truth trials and tribulations is very tirin

I gotta play a little game of gimmick and gunfirin

I'm not aspirin to be any lower or higher than,

I get equal as in eye to eye again

I'm the truth, I'm complicated I'm all ready but try again

I've got to die once to never ever die again

And what I believe within I engrave within my skin

And one thang that I ain't is a saint without a sin

How could there be a now if there never was a then?

That is unbalanced just like the yang without the yen

I am distinguishably deeper as opposed to the paper-thin

And I breathe oxygen, and you rhymin bout rocks again

You stagnant, standing still enough to feel the world spin

I'm beginning to smell the end in the path of the blowing wind

Hopefully I'm fortunate enough to spend forever with a friend

I'm slow dancing with destiny every day until then

When I first got my big break I said that I would never bend

And discredit my character to keep up or contend

And my belief beat baseline secrete such a special blend

I am not like them at all and I cannot pretend

I am not like you at all and I cannot pretend.



That shit was funky

You heard that nigga?


Shawty Lo

(yup, c'mon)

[Verse Two: Cee-Lo]

I get off on an extension or compare comprehension

I'm in a classroom of my own, I'm too far gone for competition

Yet I'm never obnoxious with my obvious ambition

Perfectly imperfect is my dimension's definition

I engage my pen pierces the page so that it bleeds my intention

With honorable mention of God's divine intervention

I'm incredible I'm inevitable and there's no possible prevention

I'll hardly (have to) scream my dream

And I'll have your undivided attention

The powers that be will be beaten into submission

And you will be able to see my revolution on television

You'll get an aneurysm fuckin around with my head on collision

With the power to get you dead and half the dead risen

I remember when my development was arrested

I was doin time on my mind misguided and misdirected

I was sick, so sick if I spoke to you you'd be infected

Then my conscience was cleared of all charges and I came out corrected

Reinvented, refined, replenished and well rested

On a mission for a medium to manifest the thoughts I collected

After that everything I breathed upon, I blessed it

I committed crimes of passion and my soul was suspected

But it was thrown out of court

Because of course the Creator and I connected

He told me, "fear not for thou art protected. Your life is being requested

And you are being tested

So make every attempt you can to expect the unexpected."


Mm mm mm

Boy that Lo boy


Oh Lawd

Cee-Lo why you do it like that?

You aint have to bustin all like that, man

Makin these lil rappers feel like they can't rap


I got some more, I got some more if you want some.

[Verse Three: Cee-Lo]

I am internally evolving entirely

Extensive eclectic expression eloquently

Instantly innovative, Courageously creative

I'm driven, this God given gift it comes naturally to the native

Not a need for the dramatics or the systematic

Simplicities, strictly science and mathematics

The mastermind of the mighty mystical and magical moves

And metaphors manifests masterpieces

Thoroughly fury through the inner mind's eye establishes this syn-thesis

Of these innermost, insightful, intriguing

Interpretations of extreme intelligence

My commonsense is no co-incidence

Caution: competitors approach carefully

I'm able to see

Rare ranges of distance, I expect respect

There's no tolerance for negligence, never

You'll forever

Feel the wrath of the pure and powerful poetry, permanently

Pre-meditative, political, critical, compellin, story-tellin

Defining desire, faith fuelin the fire

Brilliance, ?? philosophical, psychological willingly waging warfare,

Withstandin, commandin, demandin the listening ears

To hear what God's forcin

Instead endorsin education. Equality, not hate

Just revolution of the mind state

Note mere words but emotions

Which is essential, influential provin my people's potential

Militancy, innocence, insight, listen to God then write

Since my birth date I been tight!



Now I don't want never hear nobody else say

goddamn a nigga from the South can't rhyme



Hehehe...Now can I do my shit??

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