Catcreek Musa

Catcreek Musa - The American HipHopcrisy

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Ok we get it, ok you out here get this

Ok we get, ok, ok, enough already pick the lyrics

Everybody high, everybody sells hard

Everybody’s life is hard

No that single mom in the hood

Not a single child, what’s the problem

No excuses like you need, keep it calm

I’m the races homofob

No diffreent from your fox

I say in the public you say it behind clothes, dog

You exept eveything, I’m not for the ..

Ain’t nothing change for black

That’s the last time I ever wrote

Imagine Obama really care about issues

...others then home but sexual afreas

Or black on her chair

This is how they gonna find ...

...skip that

You ashamed out the way so you act accord with that

Took what they percive

You record everything but don’t call the snich it

Listen , it’s what it is when you sharinf an illegal information

It’s nothing forbidden, no cameras, no vision I thougt that room is unreaded

This is politicly ain’t correct, corect I an’t politician

When they talking about drugs his self

,,,we just spliting

Think about what you say but free down low as another description

Tell me that fictiune, the truth is all lie

...with an open eyes

Am an artist you’re an rapper

I take picture you snap them

Leave a imagine

While your instagram action

This my lyricle Twitter

Still rock a feedy caps

So proud to be my own man

Don’t tell me when it’s snap back

..with the high top there

Went to all school but still they did go back in the day

The music and the passion, act like ..

Everything coming back even how many act the ....

Still talk like the East Cost ...

Plus I’ll be little homie on severteens

Ime to move on, put your own suit on

So you gonna meat another man

If that will be, but it ain’t to

Roll a poster crazy and it’s ain’t of what you say to

Playing on that fifty, two cause on a day

Talk about they an’t hight because they tight ..

A better act cuz you give...

All your black...let’s cut all discrimination ...

One more ..on hystory elev to share taht

Hell yeah, the American hipHopcrisy

Hell yeah, the American hipHopcrisy

Hell yeah, the American hipHopcrisy

Hell yeah, the American hipHopcrisy

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