Casting Crowns

Casting Crowns - Just Another Birthday

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Sixteen finds me

Blowing out candles and making wishes

And all around me

Is everyone but the one I'm wishing for

And he sent me flowers

And gift-wrapped excuses

From a daddy whose daughter

Wants to see him again

And I know, I know

It's just another birthday

But I guess I thought

This would be the one

When he would call me, see me

Hold me and free me

But it's just another birthday

And I'll be fine

I'll be fine

Nineteen finds me

And I'm wild-eyed and wide open

I gave myself away to love

But backseat promises fade like a mist

I'm screaming at the midnight air

Everyone hears me but I don't care

My heart's clenched just like a fist

'Cause, people, I didn't ask for any of this

And I'm not fine

I'm not fine

In the company of strangers

In a cold and sterile room

All alone with a child inside me

And I don't know what to do

Jesus, can You hear me

Come and heal my brokenness

Put the pieces back together

And be a Father to the fatherless

Twenty-one finds me

Blowing out candles and making wishes

And all around me

My barefoot princess twirls and sings

It's so amazing

Looking back at all God's brought us through

You are my happy birthday

And you were born to break the chains

Now I know, I know

It's not just another birthday

'Cause I'm here, she's here

And look how far we've come

Since you've called me, saw me

Held me and freed me

Thank you, Lord, for another birthday

And we'll be fine

We'll be fine

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