Casting Crowns

Casting Crowns - House Of Their Dreams

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A corner office was his dream

More like a prison now it seems

Somewhere on the corporate climb

He left his warrior behind

Now hes just a worker at a daily grind

Steals his years and numbs his mind

His strength is fading, his dreams are blind

This is not the life he had in mind

She lies awake cause hes up all night

Staring at a screen that tells him lies

That the grass is greener on the other side

So shes at the gym fighting off the years

To be young again and calm her fears

That shell never be enough for him

Just as a young man catches her eye

Now they're trapped in their own worlds, in their own wars

With their cell phones and the closed doors

Its funny how quiet and peaceful that it seems

But they're all alone together

In the house of their dreams

Little sister, shes a sixteen-year-old princess

Lost somewhere between the swing set

And her brand new crushs chariot awaits

And big brothers rooms glowing with trophies that shout his name

But he'd trade all his high school fame

For some backyard catch with his hero again

So now they're all dressed up in Sunday best

Sit up straight just like the rest

And they sing the songs of peace and rest that Jesus freely gives

And then their kids look up as daddy stands

And he takes his bride with trembling hands

Brother kneels at his fathers side as princess looks in the mothers eyes

Their tears tear down the walls as daddy prays

Were trapped in our own worlds and our own wars

With our cell phones and our closed doors

God, only You can save our family

And on this Rock, well build

On this Rock, well build

The house of our dreams

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