Casting Crowns

Casting Crowns - BORN AGAIN

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Myself looking into the mirror

Knew I wasn't who I wanted to be

I was living like the way that I wanted

But my eyes reminded me I'm not free

Believe that I saw, everything that I know

Says I gotta go, tired of going solo

But I'm never gonna go there again


This is what it is

This is who I am

This is where I'm gonna take my stand

I didn't want to fall, but now I gotta crawl

I'm not the one with two scared hands

Givin' him the best of, everything that's left of

The life inside this man

I've been Born Again

I see you're walking like you're living in fear

Having trouble even looking at me

Wishing that they give you more than words

Sick of people telling how it should be (how it should be)

What's your download, where'd you get your info

Saw that I'm show, now you're in the in-load

I'm gonna tell you what I believe,


We are the ones, he called by name

Never gonna look back

Let go, let go the guilt the shame

I said I'm never gonna look back

This is who I am

(Chorus 2x)

I am Born Again

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