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Cartoons (Miscellaneous) movie - Off to See the World

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Song by A Chipmunk Adventure<br /><br>

Verse 1:<br>

Gliding through the airways<br>

Making the right stops<br>

Through a storm, we booked our places<br>

making all our drops<br>

See the cliffs of Donver<br>

and over to the right<br>

all the snowy white camphouse<br>

majestics ending bright<br>



Hey don't you know that<br>

we're off the see the world?<br>

We're off the find our dreams.<br>

Why are our hearts beating so fast?<br>

Why is there suddenly a brand new hope inside us that will surely last?<br>


Hey don't you know that<br>

We're off to see the world?<br>

We're off to find things new.<br>

So we will follow every clue<br>

just 'till there's suddenly a chance to find if all, our dreams where dreams come true.<br>


Verse 2:<br>

Just flew over Switzerland.<br>

Destination set.<br>

Heading out for Africa,a quest we won't forget.<br>

Face the threat in Rio, we could be in for more, and now we are descending, I can see Italy shore.<br>




[Thanks to Shareese Townsend for lyrics]<br>


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