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Cartoons (Miscellaneous) movie - Big and Loud (reprise)

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Song by Cats Don't Dance<br /><br>

I didn't get where I am today<br>

By letting myself get pushed around!<br>

No man nor beast or kitty-cat or doggy<br>

Is going to drag me down!<br>


The lightning will be flashing<br>

The thunder, it will roar<br>

They'll never know what hit 'em<br>

Wait'll they see what I have in store!<br>


Big and Loud!!<br>

It will be big and Loud!<br>

When the fall they'll really fall!<br>

And they're gonna fall big!<br>

And they're gonna fall loud!<br>

They're gonna fall big and...<br>





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