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Song by Cats Don't Dance<br /><br>

[Danny, spoken]<br>

Come on, everybody, gather 'round<br>

Don't let this old town get you down<br>

Look at you there with the long, long face<br>



Hey! He must be talkin' to you!<br>


[Danny, spoken]<br>

You take this and you take that<br>

C'mon over here, T.W., put on this hat<br>

If we all work together, we can make our dreams come true<br>

Let's show the world what we can do<br>



[Pudge, spoken]<br>




I got rhythm<br>

In my feet<br>

I got rhythm in my heart and soul<br>

I got rhythm<br>

Hot and sweet<br>

Sometimes rhythm makes me loose control<br>

Ha cha ta cha chow<br>


I want everyone<br>

To have all the fun<br>

That I have<br>

I got rhythm<br>

So do you<br>

Let's turn it on and show 'em what we can do!<br>


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