Carole King

Carole King - You Still Want Her

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From the shelter of your solitude you see her

Running circles 'round the emptiness within

And you wonder what it's been like to be her

As you feel yourself awakening

Though she fills her life between with new adventure

There's confusion in her eyes each time you meet

You don't think she's gonna last another winter

With all the snow she's rakin' in

You can't believe you still want her

After all these years of knowing her so well

All the same you'd willingly consign yourself

To a life of hell

You would think by now you'd see it in perspective

She's too insecure to ever really change

You've convinced yourself this time you'll be objective

You won't need any breakin' in

There's no reason to believe it will be different

She's still playing games and running from herself

But you've always thought your love for her could save her

And that's how you get taken in

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