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Carly Rae Jepsen - Your Type lyrics

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Being in love with you

You used to be the first thing on my mind

You know I'm just a friend to you

But I will never get to call you mine


But I still love you, I'm sorry

I'm sorry, I love you

I didn't mean to say what I said

I miss you, I mean it

I try not to feel it

But I can't get you outta my head

Now I want you to miss me

When I'm not around you

I know that you're in town

Why won't you come around

To the spot that we met?


I'm not the type of girl for you

I'm not going to pretend

That I'm the type of girl

You call more than a friend

And I break all rules for you

Break my heart and start again

Not the type of girl

You call more than a friend

(Verse 2)

Bet she acts so perfectly

You probably eat up every word she says

But if you ever think of me

I bet I'm just a flicker in your head




I'll make time for you

I'll make time for you




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