Candy 66

Candy 66 - Madre

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Alone she fall, she stop her breath

Sleep on my car she's down my care

Say I want to see what you believe is what you feel

Mother of us can you see all the pain everywhere can you make us free

Living inside myself, living inside myself, madre adonde puedo ir

Madre de Dios, can you take me out of this can you help me to please

Please each one of you to be strong enough to be not afraid

Madre de Dios

Feel the host inside of you, madre

Feel the host inside of you, parece cambiado, parece innovado

una vez más, un nuevo ser, al que joder, un nuevo hijo que le encanta el placer

alone, if you are infected you are alone, to please

to please myself you gave me this, your fault

it's all your fault for being a saint, a saint

for those who saw you in pain...

madre de Dios, sálvame...

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