Cancerslug - I Hold On

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i watched my mother die

she never wanted me anyway

and if a bastard i was born

then i guess a bastard i will be

and everything i've ever loved

was taken away from me

my girlfriend didn't want to get fat

so she killed our baby man

i'll be the candle

if you'll be the flame

i'll be the knife slitting your throat everyday

and we'll always be together as long as i'm alive

sometimes i stop and think i'm better off without

Oh I hold on

though my heart is stone

and i hold on

though my soul is gone -

and everything that ever was

and everything that could have been

i've contemplated self destruction

i've contemplated acts of rage

but what does any action that brings you comfort

in the night

i can't be the one - i can't be the one

when you die

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