Cage - Subtle Art Of The Breakup Song

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It's only sprinkling, I tell her nothing is ruined

We playin' the license plate game I'm loving what she keeps doin'

To my inner thigh, rocking the diamond earrings I gave her

She's smiling, looking angelic

All her friends secretly hate her

beauty, she knows she got it

Got me where she wants me, all erotic

Next to her hand the K is burning a hole in my pocket

I pull it over, get her a soda, I'm half gone

Hit the bathroom, stick the key in the jar to turn it back on

Look in the mirror, throw some water on my face, I'm snotty

Thinking of things I'm about to do to my girl's body

The rain is picking up now, my eyes are kinda lazy

The sky is hazy

She's like "you look pale," I said she was crazy

Pushed the pedal to the floor mat

Hydroplaned corrected it fast then

Slowed down past a car crash

She put her head on my shoulder, said she was getting

A little sleepy, don't worry, baby, we're minutes from heaven

I pick my face up with glass in it

Can't remember the last minute

Glove box, my girl's face mashed in it

I called her name out, but she ain't respond

Pulled her shoulder back, touched her arm

Her entire fucking face is gone!

I see you breathing, I'm pleading with Jesus, leave her lifeless

Don't leave her like this

Reached for the birthday balloon of nitris

I'm trying to dial for help with hands I can't feel

Stuck in the driver's seat, my broken ribs gripping the steering wheel

She squeezed my hand, then let go

I should have been sitting shotty

And the rain wouldn't still be pouring all over the angel's body

I'm trying to crawl back in the K hole to get outta the car

But the K won't climb out of my nose and back in the jar

This isn't her I tell myself, at least she's happy

Wherever she is, her soulless eyes looking at me

I pump my fists to bleed out to catch her and let the worms play

And tell her I'm sorry I gave her death for her birthday

Thanks to Cheyenne for these lyrics

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