Cage - Modern Darkness

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[Music: Dave Garcia]

[Lyrics: Sean Peck]

Just why does it rise up once again

Just what message does it send

You see malevolance is real

The two sides of all you feel

Are you the evil are you bad

Seeking the answers drives you mad

I know you're coming you're so near

I believe in you,

I believe in you,

I do

Do thing just happen randomly

Or do the forces make them be

You need to find which side you are on

Embrace the darkness and you're gone

I believe in you,

I believe in you,

You'll see

In mordern darkness that's where you thrive

There is no question you are alive

I cannot hear you

I cannot see

You're still around me you'll always be

When I get angry or I get scared

You try to take hold and grab your share

That's what you live for that's what you do

You move so quickly I never knew

Just look around you and you'll see

Death and destruction constantly

If there's a God why don't you hear

The cries of anguish loud and clear

I believe in you,

I believe in you,

I do

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