Cage - Crazy Men Ahead

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I get the straight jacket on my back so come and strap it miss

Made to see your brains so on the ground I gotta crack it

Poke her til the point your head is open

Yo I hope you got the pores to cut away my fuckin throat

Cause I'll be coverin the screams of your women if I rape her

Stick her with my butcher knife and now I'll make your paper

I'm not christianlatin but I'm livin like a duke

I'm makin mad loot I'm seein crazy shit to make you puke

Fuck the age I don't respect them

Rather take a double barrell shotgun and fuck you in your rectum

The insane spectrum in effect and it's gravy

Mr charles manson got a body count like motherfuckin crazy

I'm bravely suckers are a no no

Yo jeff b isnt crazy hes a broken hearted homo

So so the culture like a vulture I'll be rippin off the flesh

Whos the bastard put mobbs up in a caskett

Everybodies dead up in my head I'm just a sicko

All those who call me sucker done already sucked a dick so

Back off and step back cause you child is much whack

Figurin your crew is givin head the way your lips smack

Tosser I'm the boss whos given losses to your kitty

I'm break your fuckin back like I'll be pullin out on titties

Mr onedy how many womens undies did you bloody

If I count them on a 5 I think you got me on a nutty type of gutsy

Gots nuts I hit sluts and young lambs the young man

Sam I am I do slam I can't stand my dick jammed tastes great

So hows about some head mrs reagan I'm sure your fuckin redneck regae is lookin great and

Participate in what I like to call a dog to dairy

The crazy man ahead is out to kill the happy cherry

And rappers say that shit is big of me

I get the crowd lives effects without the fuckin diggity

I torture niggas armys like a doppy

Stink just like a nazi heres the hallocaust for those that wanna stop me

With 9 m&ms in your mouth when I be flexin

Bust my knuckles full of glass cause I swung at my reflection

Mr grid the massacres spectacular bout um um

This wasted nigga happens to be a fan of jones town

Jones town you know jim jones mr suicide

Had everyone in the town drinkin juice with cyanide

And seconds understand this guys a loose screw

A broke lid so when I'm in your neighborhood be careful of your 40 kid

*I be that bastard masterd in humanity

Punk's pack, but I piss through all their niggas randomly

I'll rip your body with a daggar

Till you stagger

Have you wondering around holdin in half of your bladdar

Niggas knee to cops, screamin' they're psycho on they record

Play around like I'm a maniac

At least I got a mental record

You wanna check it Nigga

Make me test my trigger finger

Dealt with all that bull shit in the past

Like now im crazy bigger

Thanks to mrdrummond for these lyrics

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