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C. Pitt - Seasons lyrics

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Yeah, people’s personality fluctuate at my salary

They say they baddest, but these niggers is way cowardly

Had to …cowards … not a minute, not a second further, further

Keep a track spit it off my path what I thought was murder

Without the … my flows is unheard of

You can say some shit well nigger, I … seen worser, yeah

My mind razor now, I’m just trying face it

You couldn’t last a second in my shoes, can’t even lace it

My rhyme … the way I’m killing them, you would swear it’s crime related

They took my bars to ricochet it, … no path, discovered hip hop, just like the nomad

… discovered a lie, nigger with no dare

I seek my haters down they getting so mad

Ask me how I’m doing something right, there ain’t right

This nigger’s so mad, my flow is like that brown bitch who’s so bad

The one that used to come around

Same chick you knew that you could never had

Forever spitting rap, these niggers must…

You never lest…

But you can get the fresh start with fresh parts

It should make your career go ghost

Like a … where the fuck it go…who the fuck you hoe

Where the flow is just as cold

Cause this mc the devil likes to move around slow

Homie’s intentions don’t tempt me

I could really change the world

If the people would let me

They tell me all the time,

When I make it don’t forget me

I tell them all the time

When I make it just don’t … me

… see, yeah, I would think these labels should invest in me

Put your money on me your interest’s back in the same week

… you barely packing the same heat

Adapt, … my rhymes like the seasons

People often change like the seasons

People change mad things re arrange

Play me in the winter, play me in the summer

Play me in the autumn, any order

People change mad things re arrange

…see all them leaves must fall down

Adapt, … my rhymes like the seasons

People often change like the seasons

For many different reasons

Many can be misleading,

Obvious … treason

One after another just another sequence

But I’m feeling above them like when I bought them trees

It … fall like them autumn leaves

Pure …ain’t nobody hard as me

I … to this rap shit, who the fuck wanna spar with me?

Flow is fucking … who the fuck is gonna father me?

Now that I‘m a grown man, now that I have my own plans

…mess with the Zohan

…transparent, god damn it, … and I’ m taking this shit

Fuck the game forward…they hating this shit

Your mind erasing I’m just trying help you pacing this shit

… we keep it real, these niggers faking this shit

Shit nigger, … flow cold like the winter

I … when I get upon the track … my actions define the winter

… don’t fuck what you living

Now watch them shiver, from homies to anything give us

Ha, you niggers is funny like Johnny Rivers

You niggers is still with us, snake niggers that’s still slither

Even had to hard act, god please be with us

…but them niggers will never crawl back… but you can get …

Niggers homie … when you see run the game like you’re Donovan

And these niggers know a way more, dominant.<br />

<br />

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