C-NOTE (of the Botany Boyz)

C-NOTE (of the Botany Boyz) - We Don't Give A Fuck lyrics

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(feat. JK)


Yeah JK, C-Note/Botany Boys

Balling, Mob Click

(my nigga JK, break em off some'ing)


Represent to the fullest, so many be toting bullets

Opening up your eyes and see, your life can end up drastically

And to me this fucked up game mayn, I'm fucking with niggaz that crack slang

So many homies done got buried, man it made me insane

Ready for war where the guns last, out in this war when the guns blast

Fucking with me, done gave your life a chance to feel my wrath quick lil' bad

Bitch made niggaz wanna hate on us, soldier made niggaz but in God we trust

Still in the game where we quick to bust, bunch of cops wanna fuck with us

How many niggaz wanna fade the G's, real ass niggaz with the cocoa leaves

Icing the cake floss baked don't leave, what you see not what it be

Niggaz wanna see me, I'm on the 33rd block

The nigga don't get enough, cause I don't give a fuck

[Hook: x2]

The nigga don't get enough, cause we don't give a fuck

Nigga we don't give a fuck, we don't give a fuck

Nigga he don't give a fuck, nigga they don't give a fuck

Nigga she don't give a fuck, we don't give a fuck


Shipping the coke by the boats, bezeltynes up on my throat

Fully choppers what we tote, leaving them haters up in smoke

All because he with the coke, yeah them niggaz came up short

Simply tried to play the smoke, sending bullets all through his coat

Fuck around and get tossed up, fuck around and get crossed up

Do more than shoot your house up, you know to keep your mouth shut

Put them blades up on the truck, put the wood off in the buck

Clovers boys wouldn't give a fuck, it's suited up and shoot it up

Ride all day cock they K, boys don't play that black and grey

Stay the fuck up out my way, chopper bullets I'm gon spray

Pulling them stunts and popping them trunks, rolling that skunk and light the blunts

Seen the crowd all up in front, we giving the fans just what they want

From H-Town to Oklahoma, I'ma put it down just like I wanna

Yellow bones nigga I'ma bone em, jump in the bub gon hit the corner

Botany Big Shots on the monoblocks, keep the block hot screwed up the spot

Sitting three wheeler off in the drop, see me with a glock cocked down your block



Bitch made niggaz it's Note and me, on the one first quick like a G

Leaving niggaz face down in reality, niggaz ain't strong when they on the streets

Fucking with the niggaz that be on my block, what set you from nigga this a chamber lock

What you sipping on nigga has a lil' more rocks, what you lean on nigga I serving rock

How many niggaz gon feel our wrath, how many niggaz gon feel our past

C-Note and JK on a paper chase, Oklahoma City and Texas plates


Texas plates out them gate, show em how we do it all through the states

Shipping c.d.'s off by the crates, the boys down South mayn holding weight

We some real niggaz don't give a fuck, ride around town in a trophy truck

Me and JK cock that K, them mark ass niggaz they fucked with us

[Hook x2]

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