C-NOTE (of the Botany Boyz)

C-NOTE (of the Botany Boyz) - S.U.C. lyrics

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(feat. HAWK, Lil Keke, Big Pokey)


I'm so thoed, in the game

Southside Playaz, Screwed Up Click mayn

Southside Playaz, Screwed Up Click mayn

Southside Playas, Screwed Up Click mayn


I'm thoed in the game, which means I'm off the chain

The flow's insane, you hear me coming through your bang

You can catch me in the turning lane, in an all terrain

With my right hand, guiding the grain

Think it's a game, look at the rocks in the chain

The watch and the ring, and how your dame is watching me mayn

H.A.W.K. is the name, the leader of the Screwed Up gang

Some'ing like Wu Tang, with a Southern slang

I'm Screwed up mayn, just need to do it up mayn

And you wonder why tracks, get chewed up mayn

So boot up mayn, the time is finally here

The world premier, we bout to end a few careers

I'm the Jordan of this shit, but I'm not Michael

And most niggaz act, like they on they cycle

And most of y'all niggaz flows, are recycled

S.U.C., we coming for the title we thoed

[Hook x2]

[Lil' Keke:]

When the Don explodes, and unloads it's murder G

Original S.U.C., you rookies it's Don Ke

I bust my glock, till it pops and empty

And shatter your crew, if they test and tempt me

It's Screwed Up Click, monster flow is in me

And tell the whole world, Robert Earl just sent me

Cause I been thoed, with the rhyme

I sold a half a million records nigga, I ain't lying

Southside Playa, catch me macking on a dime

Some say the Don, the greatest of all time

Blow another dro sack, seats in the Lac back

Chop it if it's Fat Pat, smack gon get your hat cracked yeah

I'm getting blowed, on thangs

Let the kush burn, while I'm turning in your lane

I let the Rover Range, I'm hustling and getting change

Texas living legends, we thoed off in the game the game

[Hook x2]

[Big Pokey:]

I'm young black and grown, bad to the bone

7-60 from the rims, shop shagging it home

That nigga Dina in a zone, they better leave me alone

I'm the real deal authentic, a nigga can't clone

I'm a Southside Playa, Screwed Up Click mayn

With a sick spit game, cause a nigga spit caine mayn

I spit flames, like a human with a dragon head

S.U.C. taking over, on a mash for bread

Thoed in the game, driver seat holding the grain

They recite my verses word for word, holding they brain

I'm the gorilla that's untamed, still off the chain

Still spit it off the brain, I'm making em seeing my pain

Ain't nothing changed, still a ape on the track

Mob boss Sensei, got the state on my back

Hardest Pit hit em, make em fold like a stack

Ready for whatever, I'ma roll like a Lac

[Hook x2]


C-Note quote unquote, but I'm still top billing

On the streets I made a killing, in this rap I made a million

Stacking cash to the ceiling, got my name from drug dealing

On the block niggaz chilling, but it's caps that they be pealing

It's Screwed Up Click, you get screwed up quick

Get your ass mixed up, in some screwed up shit

But I blew up quick, though I lost a few homies

R.I.P. to my niggaz, but I'm dissing all the fonies

I'ma ride for you Screw, I'ma ride for you Pat

I'ma ride for you Gator, lay them niggaz on they back

Lay them niggaz out flat, still squash the chit-chat

Still beat em with the bat, still breathing with the gat

Lil' niggaz picture that, tell them niggaz it's a wrap

Tell them niggaz it's a trap, hit them niggaz with the straps

They'll never make it out alive, will survive

Chunk the deuce for my side, let the wood wheel guide uh

[Hook x2]

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