C-NOTE (of the Botany Boyz)

C-NOTE (of the Botany Boyz) - Ride With Us lyrics

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(feat. Juvenile)


My rims poking out, like a fat ass

Little weight motherfucker, this straight glass

We beating up your block, like some 15's

Video, started playing on my six screens

This ain't Hollywood, nigga this is street dreams

Got to holla at the hood, making street cream

And you know, we like our Benzes and our Cadillacs

We wearing so much bling, we give em cataracts

Down South, Dirty Third

3rd Coast, mayn we got them birds

Get the ring bezeltynes, and you heard

Rolling G five hundred, in Excurs'

Best play, your position

These boys popping trunks, bout to cause a collision

Best make a decision, taking rap to a whole new dimension

24's bout to break the suspension, now nigga have dimension

[Hook: x2]

You should ride with us, (come on ride with us)

You should ride with us, (come on ride with us)

You should ride with us, (come on ride with us

Niggaz getting high with us, do the Southside with us)


Iight I got the urge to strike, some'ing dead in the ass

I'm in the future, y'all stay in the past yeah

Nigga was broke, holding my shoes

Rat funky as the fuck, fools having it too

Same hoes that was talking that shit, done turned groupie

I no longer have holes in my shoes, I rock Gucci

I know, you smell the cologne

You wishing that a nigga of my caliber, was taking you home

Hate to intervene, while I'm making you moan

When I got a little situation at hand, baby I'm gone

My alarm is going off, I know I been trailed

I ain't fucking with her though, both crazy as hell

That's the reason I'm posted up, here on Canal

Hoping you could do me, and my nigga as well

Call your people up, we need a lot of females

Tell em we getting money, like a lottery sale

[Hook x2]


Get down you should ride with us, on blades

I'm creeping up your block, in a burban Escalade

C-Note and Juvenile, and we coming through your city

Looking for the fine girls, with them nice titties

Got a drop in the driveway, rolling through the fly way

Hoping that I don't, spot a cop on the highway

Just a few things, we do on Sunday

Bout to turn MLK, into a one way

Ok, I'm still smoking doja

All my niggaz, screaming Cloverland Magnolia

Best to watch your back, cause we coming with them soldiers

Looking for them niggaz, who be snitching to them rollers

Get to bombing on niggaz, like U.S. did Iraq

Like Bush do the same, man I'm coming that's a fact

I got niggaz, every city every state

I'm just saying, ain't a few phone calls I couldn't make what

[Hook x2]

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