C-NOTE (of the Botany Boyz)

C-NOTE (of the Botany Boyz) - Rap Game lyrics

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(feat. D-Red)


Uh, doing our thang (bounce)

Still independent nigga (taking over this shit)

We up in there, know I'm saying

Big Shot Records D-Red, C-Note out that Botany

We keep it crunk (in the hizzle) block to block

Stay crunk at all times, overseas

[Hook x2]

It's so strange, in this motherfucking rap game

It's so much, like the motherfucking streets mayn

It's all the same, in this motherfucking rap game

It's so much, like the motherfucking streets mayn


Now we out of town, doing these shows

Freestyle flows, fucking with hoes

Back in hit the city, move three kilos

Now I'm in and out your do' in the studio, the studio

But it's strange, out this motherfucking rap game

It's so much, like the motherfucking streets mayn

Niggaz don't, wanna see you come up

Next thing you'll blow up, now they all on your nuts

And niggaz trying to fight, just to get to the top

Just to be the next artist, to rule Hip-Hop

Just like the, motherfucking streets

We bust on these niggaz, like we bust on these beats

And these niggaz wanna play, the fucking CEO

Niggaz stealing my money, you's a CE-Hoe

Nigga best to come off, my fucking do'

Or I'm laying everybody, on the fucking flo' nigga

[Hook x2]


We got street fame, street game a street name

Botany out the Hooker, you know the set we claim

Cloverland is the spot, and yeah we keep it locked

And we bouncing through this thing, fifty deep packing glocks

Be bout your cash mayn, and make it last mayn

And from the streets mayn, you know the rap thang

And on the smash for the cash, and man we got to get it

Gotta lick for ten feathers, and playa we gon split it

Nigga be flicking water by my set, hit your corner

Fifty round shots, aiming straight for your daughter

But enough with the bullshit, stacking up platinum hits

Keeping it hood rich, serving the real shit

Botany is the block, that's crunk at all times

Stepping in Adidas, fa sho we got to shine

Well playa check the stilo, fucking with C-Note

D-Red nigga Chino, Botany for your heroes



Niggaz trying to steal my grands, steal my fans

Just like a dope fiend, trying to steal my grands

But I'm still catching out, on twinkie-4's

And my flows be cold, like an Eskimo

And I'm wearing Air Forces, when I hit the cut

DEA Task Forces, trying to hit me up

Look at here officer, I made a big change

I'm making millions, deep off in this rap game


Here I go again, stack a few ends

Me and cute friend, set a few trends

Hit the big Benz, sipping on the Henn

Dubs on the spin, blue light lens

Baller-itz's style, but only buck wild

Hit the spot twelve o'clock, popping Cristal

But in the mean while, we gonna ball dog

And you can put that on the Clover, Big Shots forever dog

[Hook x2]


Know I'm saying, I know these rappers

Know I'm tal'n bout, uh if you from the streets

You know I'm tal'n bout, you know I'm saying

Or maybe you don't

Cause you ain't from the streets nigga, uh

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