C-NOTE (of the Botany Boyz)

C-NOTE (of the Botany Boyz) - Put Yo Money On Me lyrics

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(feat. Will-Lean, Godfather)


Put your money on, put your money on me

Big Shots, Backdo' Lil' Joe the shizzit


Put your money on me, I move like a half a ki'

Coming down, in the J-A-G

Represent for the S.U.C., I know these boys wanna get to me

But you know, it ain't no catching me

Now, who wanna be next up

Like Heins, got these niggaz playing catch up

Seven albums and counting, my whole hood standing tall like a mountain

Smoking herb flipping birds, sipping syrup out the fountain

Feel me, now who wanna step in the ring

The niggaz with the most bling, and the ching-ching

Ding-ding, round one

Knocking niggaz off they feet, is the outcome

Now where we from the Southside, we put them blades on a ride

And roll buck hide, we put them screens on the inside

But this time, we ain't cutting no slack

Few niggaz is some copycats

[Hook: x4]

Put your money on me


Call folk and set it, playa we can bet it

Clear your whole debit account, you'll regret it

We be private jetted, supreme unleaded

Bet against us, you look real pathetic

We be authentic, you be synthetic

I ball for Pittsburgh, like Bettis

Like Bugs Bunny, carrots and lettuce

Warner Brother bunny, boys down in Texas

Put your money, where your mouth is

Botany, Houston Texas Dirty South kids

See the cash on the table, Big Shots be the label

Soldiers like the Marines, or the Naval

Top streak, keep a glock heat

My niggaz got more gold, than a swap meet

Big Jaguars, been had cars

Peace to Big Daz, he behind fat bars

[Hook x4]


Put your money where your mouth is, Sugarland is where the vault is

Cloverland, is where the South is

I talk shit, cause my money is long

Money trail from the dome, to the front of my home

Everything that I own, I flaunt on chrome

Paper tags and pay cash, when I jump in the zone

My money is strong, cause ain't with that spending shit

Invested in my hood, like my name was Merrel Lynch

It's that Will Gates, with mills in steel crates

Diamonds on chill, princess cut and grill plates

The Chemist, put your money on me

Like you put them Giovannis, on that black Humvee

We them superstar niggaz, that these hoes come see

Bend over let me see it, like my boy Bun B

We ball to sun deep, bitches we done three

For all my homies, put your money on me

[Hook x4]

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