C-NOTE (of the Botany Boyz)

C-NOTE (of the Botany Boyz) - On the Southside lyrics

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(feat. Lil Flip, Errin)


What's the deal world, it's that boy Big T

The million dollar hook man, you know I'm tal'n bout

Southside O.G. fa real, my partna C-Note and

Lil Flip, fin to tell y'all how we do it, on the Southside

You know we been doing it deep, Dirty South man

Blood sweat and tears with this game mayn

Know I'm tal'n bout, now we fin to let y'all know how

We ride, C-Note and Lil Flip, Cloverland G's baby

Know I'm tal'n bout, this how it go down baby

[Hook x2: Errin]

On the Southsiiiiiiiide

That's how we ride

On the Southsiiiiiiiide


Candy paint, looking kinda clean

Fresh throwback, looking kinda mean

C-Note and Lil Flip, be on the scene

See we trying to stack, that Clover green

Ball in the daytime, ball in the night time

It really don't matter, we ball at the right time

See me in the Benzo, sitting on Lorenzo's

Smoking with my kin folk, with a tight dime

I floss through MLK (MLK)

I floss through S-A (S-A

I floss through South Park, and then Hiram Clark

Then I hit the breaks

My pockets, keep the mumps

Bobbing and weaving, and popping trunks

Texas boys, just ain't no punks

Watch a nigga run, when I bust the pump

I'm bout that paper though

Before I go broke, I'll break your hoe

Stand on the cut, and I'll push the snow

Pull up on Sprewells, and I'll take your hoe

Uh-oh uh-oh, that's Screwed Up Click

We always doing, that Screwed Up shit

Then we be sitting, in money pits

Steady be dropping, them platinum hits

Bitch this is Screwed Up music

Bitch niggas, don't confuse it

We lay back, in made backs

Bitch nigga, this is Screwed Up Houston

Snitch niggas, don't abuse it

All real, would like to fuse it

Flash that, and back to act a track

Cause that's, just how we do it

[Hook x2]

[Lil Flip]

Down here, we smoking green

We drinking purple, and riding red

Better watch your head, cause I'm chasing bread

I can't wait till AK, get out the FED

So we can do a track, and count paper stacks

I push Cadillacs, with fifth wheels in the back

I done took that hoe, to the shop

Now that bitch, candy black

I can't do that shit, music fast

I can screw that shit, if she got some ass

I'll screw that shit, and after that

Nigga you know my style, I never knew that bitch

I'm from the Southside, I'll leave your mouth wide

When I pull up, in that Benz

On twenty-twen-twins, I mean 20 inch Lorenz

Watch the money that you spend

You trying to impress, your friends

You can't afford that dro, go back to them 3-for-10's

The robber done closed down, so niggas doing bad

So if you get caught slipping my nigga, that's your ass

[Hook x2]

[Lil Flip]

We still fucking with Johnny, cause we making bigger money

You making that local money, I'm making that Jigga money

When I made it you should of said, yeah my niggas done it

The reason I turn my back, cause y'all niggas fronted

It's Flip and C-Note, we some Clover G's

I'm the first nigga in the hood, with yellow rocks in my piece

That's the way we do it nigga, we the Screwed Up Click

You fuck around with me and C, and we gon shoot up shit


We hustled in this street game, we hustled for the street fame

We busting with this heat mayn, knock you out your seats mayn

From cake face to big mayn, we wrecking in these streets mayn

But most up in these niggas brains, just like them clicks mayn

But now them in the ground, cause we bust them niggas down

First niggas out they town, to put it down with this Screwed Up sound

I know my piece shine bright, I know my teeth shine bright

Like a headlight through the night, I know I'm gonna live my life

[Hook x2]

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