C-NOTE (of the Botany Boyz)

C-NOTE (of the Botany Boyz) - In Da Trunk lyrics

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Uh yeah, C-Note in here

King of the slabs, y'all know how we do it

Know how we do it, that rider music


In the trunk, in the trunk

Uh, my niggaz get it crunk

We in the trunk, we in the trunk

Uh, my niggaz ain't no punks


We in the trunk my nigga, we get it crunk my nigga

C-Note is six figgas, bet it bump my niggaz

Got you looking and she tooken, I can see your heads turning

Fist full of grain, and it's money I'm burning

And I'm sick with this, Screwed Up Click with this

Got it thick, with the blueberry ice on the wrist

In the trunk I'm crunk, swerving lane to lane

Making boys disappear, like I'm David Blaine

And I'm riding on 4's, and my trunk is glowing

I ain't seen you in a while, but that ass is growing

I be beating up the block, rather rain or snowing

I be waking people up, like a old man snoring

Fifth wheel chromey grill, blue steel I'm real

In the trunk I put bitch niggaz that ain't real

And I'm trill with the thang, I'm ill with the thang

Southside nigga, and we running the game what up

[Hook x2]


Show em, how we ride on the Southside

Go show em, how we ride on the Southside

Tell em, how we ride on the Southside

Southside nigga, what we swang and we bang wide

I'm in the trunk on MLK, in the trunk at the club

I'm in the trunk of this chick, that was feeling the dubs

And my piece shine bright, like them neon lights

I'm in the trunk like blinking lights, when you making a right

Southside so tight, I know you feeling me mayn

If the rest of the world, ain't feeling the slang

Bring your music and bang, cause this is how we ball

I be beating up your block, knocking pictures off the wall

Got them screens that fall, got it lit like a lamp

Feel it like a earthquake, when I crank up the amps

And we ride real slow, to these Screwed Up beats

And I'm the king of these slab, when it come to these streets



Trunk half way cracked, as I circle the block

Push an automatic button, when I drop the top

Parking lot of the club, swanging side to side

And them boppers looking hard, cause they love to ride

Just me and my niggaz, going blunt for blunt

18's in the trunk, going punch for punch

I be taking niggaz out, like they going to lunch

We rolling slabs down South, and we popping them trunks

[Hook x2]


Coming down, wrecking

This how we do, on the Third Coast

I'm still in it nigga, C-Note

85 till I die, Clover G nigga we out

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