C-NOTE (of the Botany Boyz)

C-NOTE (of the Botany Boyz) - Holla At Botany lyrics

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(feat. Pimp C)


I hollered at Botany, Courtney came with the love

We coming down mayn, blowing cuzin and bud - 3x

We hollered at Botany, Courtney came with the love

We hollered at Botany, Courtney came with the love


Got's to holler at Botany, cause they showed me love

Plus they showed me how to get it, and they down to buzz

Wasn't another crew around, that was touching us

Wasn't another crew down, that can fuck with us

Up early in the morning, and we hit the spot

Can't wait till school out, then we hit the block

Call us big shot niggaz, but we run from cops

And boys won't stop, till we hit the top

No mo' slanging rocks, now they on my wrist

We was at Screw house, jotting down the list

That's when I grabbed the mic, it went some'ing like this

I told him I was the coldest, with the mic in my fist

Then I kicked a freestyle, and then mean while

We was thinking bout, all the money we gon pile

Fresh out the dope game, up in the rap game

We got the whole world, feeling Screwed Up mayn



Now I told ya we gon do it, now we did it and we done it

But you can't see me, with the diamond out woman

On the Boulevard fronting, in some'ing brand new

Got the rims big as Shaq, 26 on the shoe

Boys roll candy red, boys roll candy blue

I'll roll candy black, cause you know I keep it true

Tattoo, say I represent them Clover boys

Talk down, then you know we fucking over boys

I'ma pop my roof, I'ma pop my trunk

I'ma keep on smoking, on these baseball blunts

Got that drank by the jug, got the dro by the pound

Hear my Nextel chirp, cause we be town to town

Got the K a hundred rounds, and we down to spit

You can meet us in the street, keep talking that shit

And I'm tired of boys hating, on the Screwed Up Click

Thinking they did shit first, when we started this shit


[Pimp C:]

Everyday a holiday, night times is bright

Spent my last fifteen years, getting money with my mic

Yeah it's UGK for life, I'm still riding with Bun

Dirty money in my pocket, riding dirty with guns

All hundreds no ones, up under my paper stack

Got a Bentley and a Rolls, but I still love Lacs

Purple in my sack, keep a magnum for they back

Coming down on Willie D, Bush Bill and D-Act

We all young ghetto boys, I rep the South

Port Arthur Texas, the real trill ville no doubt

Riding in a glass house, glad to see another day

R.I.P. one time, for that H-A-W-K

If your people locked up, you need to send em money

Cause it's never too late, to stop acting funny

My car candy red, I'm dripping period blood

Gotta holla at Botany, them niggaz out here coming up



Coming down, Third Coast mayn we in here

Screwed Up Click representer, off top

Pop that trunk, banging mayn swanging mayn

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