C-NOTE (of the Botany Boyz)

C-NOTE (of the Botany Boyz) - Flossin' lyrics

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(feat. Lil Flip, Big Pokey, Chris Ward, Papa Reu, Marilyn)

[Marilyn singing]

[Papa Reu talking]


We flossing they glossing, big bossing for life

Nina Ross paid the cost, so I made her my wife

I got them digital screens, in the back of the ride

I got them 20 inch strings, sitting low outside

Taking flights seeing sights, up in Kansas City

All the way down South, in Jackson Mississippi

Made a stop in N.O., so I can holla at Juve

Blowing green got a scene, in Baller Blockin' the movie

Pull the set fly the jet, bout to land in Texas

Touched down in H-Town, home of candy and Lexus

I've been around the world, should of seen what I saw

Pieces hanging gangbanging, down in Arkansas

Everytime that they see me, I'm in some'ing that's pretty

My nigga Ike's keep it tight, in Oklahoma the city

You know I gotta keep it real, with them boys down South

That got them diamonds in they grill, and the gold in they mouth

[Hook x2: Papa Reu]

Cause we flossing, we flossing

Everything glossing, they glossing

20 inch shining, they shining

Piece and chain swinging, they swinging come again


God damn, what is life about

What I gotta do pull a rifle out, to have a cumfy nice amount of money

Take it from a playa, who's seen some'ing kicked

Hustling use to be my deal, till I noticed it ain't pay the bills

I do my thang around you satin, cut up cocaine around you

Couldn't even keep no slang around you, no mo' letting em hang around you

(ask girlfriend), slam cats like a screen door

In a Hurricane, Botany Boys top ranking up

In the harder game, see this lady always makes the bucks

From this state, niggaz got carpet burns on they nuts

By letting em hang, wreck fools from the gate

I run with the big dogs, and the heavyweights

I peeped you, put up your defense to hate this

I rush your ass, like Terrell Davis

And Mavis, couldn't staple my rap book together

See I'm the type, that'll shoot dice or do whatever

[Hook x2]

[Lil' Flip]

I got ice, cause I get that do'

Cardier watch, tic-tac-toe

S-Class, Jaguar sitting low

(what you listening to Flip), man I'm jamming Big Moe

I'm jumping out, in Iceberg wardrobe

I'm 18, and I'm a CEO

My lifestyle, is what you see on television

PT Cruisers, Navigators, Expeditions

I fuck hoes, everyday of the week

10 karats, my record label on my piece

Sucka Free knows, I'm the Freestyle King

I hate to say it, but my teeth look better than my ring

[Chris Ward]

I'm sitting low but large, backing out the garage

I'm in a brand new, fountain blue Bentley Anage

What the neighbors seeing, is not a mirage

I'm on my way, so sha'll I say Bon Voy-age

Cause I'm a wood wheel guider

20 inch glider, boulevard slider

Crawling low, like a spider

When I pull up on dubs, right beside ya

Hopping out in Iceberg, and Nike tennis

Flow is tremendous and endless, I'm a lyrical menace

I hang with big shots, like C-Note and the Chemist

Cause y'all know, Chris Ward floss just like the dentist

[Hook x2]

[Big Pokey]

I'm a H-Town playa, and I love to ball

20 inches on the crawl, V.P. and cigar

V-dubs and don't stall, me out there creeping

C-Note and Will-Lean, got the 6-4 leaping

Got bad broads peeping, cause they know we playa made

8's and Gator-aide, plus a bunch of bald fades

Escalades, DVD's

Wrists is lit up, watching three T.V.'s

Hoes on dick, like disease

H.P.D.'s on skis, A.C. blowing freeze

It's a hundred degrees, niggaz dropping the top

If the car ain't convertible, then pop up the pop

Keith on Scott, trying to hop till the rim whop

If he don't stop, he gon be back at the rim shop

And them slims bop, nonstop

Papa Reu, tell em what we talking about

[Hook x2]

[Marilyn singing]

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