Bullet For My Valentine

Bullet For My Valentine - Your Betrayal lyrics

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Am I going insane?

My blood is boiling inside of my veins

An evil feeling attacks... (attacks)

My body is aching, there's no turning back

Don't take your eyes off the trigger

I'm not to blame if your world turns to black

As your eyes start to blister

There's just no hope for our final embrace


So here we are... I'm in your head...


You were told to run away

Soak the place, and light the flame

Pay the price for your betrayal! Your Betrayal!


I was told to stay away

Those two words I can't obey.

Pay the price for your betrayal, your betrayal,


Is it my turn to die,

My heart is pounding as I say goodbye

So now I dance in the flames

I love you crying and screaming my name

You said that we'd be forever

How could you kill me and lie to my face

Now that we can't be together

There's just no hope for our final embrace.

Chorus x2.


Thanks to BobbitTheDog for correcting these lyrics

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