Bullet For My Valentine

Bullet For My Valentine - Welcome Home (Sanatarium) lyrics

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(Originally made by Metallica)<br />

<br />

Welcome to where time stands still<br />

No one leaves and no one will<br />

Moon is full, never seems to change<br />

Just labeled mentally deranged<br />

Dream the same thing every night<br />

I see our freedom in my sight<br />

No locked doors or windows barred<br />

No things to make my brain seem scarred<br />

<br />

Sleep my friend and you will see<br />

That dream is my reality<br />

They keep me locked up in this cage<br />

Can't they see it's why my brain says Rage<br />

<br />

Sanitarium, leave me be<br />

Sanitarium, just leave me alone<br />

<br />

Build my fear of what's out there<br />

And cannot breathe the open air<br />

Whisper things into my brain<br />

Assuring me that I'm insane<br />

They think our heads are in their hands<br />

But violent use brings violent plans<br />

Keep him tied, it makes him well<br />

He's getting better, can't you tell?<br />

<br />

No more can they keep us in<br />

Listen, damn it, we will win<br />

They see it right, they see it well<br />

But they think this saves us from our Hell<br />

<br />

Sanitarium, leave me be<br />

Sanitarium, just leave me alone<br />

Sanitarium, just leave me alone<br />

<br />

Fear of living on<br />

Natives getting restless now<br />

Mutiny in the air<br />

Got some death to do<br />

Mirror stares back hard<br />

Kill, it's such a friendly word<br />

Seems the only way<br />

For reaching out again.

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