Bullet For My Valentine

Bullet For My Valentine - Venom lyrics

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You're nowhere even near me

But everywhere I go I feel u, can u feel me?

Why can't I just forget u?

I want to shred my skin to luv u, can you hear me?


Now I'm givin' up, I'm neva lookin' back

Here we go again! U keep givin' me a taste of ur venom

U know I'm neva lookin' back, here we go again!

I don't want anotha taste of ur venom

(Verse 2)

How dare u play the victim?

These tortured eyes, they see right through u, right through u

But still you keep me captive & make me feel like I deserve u

But I hate u! Hate u!



I feel asphyxiated! It's more then I can take

But nothin' eva changes in the end

No more, I'm suffocatin', u've gone, I've lost ur grip

But nothin' eva changes in the end

Here we go again! But I hate u! Hate u!

(Chorus x2)

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