Bullet For My Valentine

Bullet For My Valentine - The Harder the Heart (The Harder It Breaks) lyrics

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I'm not the wreck that you're after

I'm not your scapegoat, a shoulder to cry on

I'm just a person you needed

But you gotta let your daemons tear us up...

...Apart! Can't you see that need a little moment of clarity?

Why can't you see? Can't believe that you are your own worst enemy


No! I'm not ready to let you go!

No! You need to hear me so you'll know!


These are our times, never forget

No looking back, no more regrets

One thing we learn from our mistakes

The harder the heart, the harder it breaks

(Verse 2)

No! You can never be trusted!

You're not that person I once could rely on

You're gonna burn all your bridges

It's you I have to tear the walls, nothing remains(?!)




(I'm not ready to let you go!)

(You need to hear me so you'll know!)

These things will never change

(I'm not ready to change ______(?)

All those mistakes you made


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