Brutality - The Past

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[music by Walsh/Acres, lyrics by Reigel]

[solo: Outlaw]

stripped of all possessions

collected through time

haunting past constant thinking

reflections of memories

looking for reasons

must live for reality

absorb the knowledge

gaining strength through preception

unknown powers now revealed

mind capabilities growing

future uncertain

fate will take you there

transformation to oneself

newday will come

strive for dreams

reconstruction through time

[solo: Outlaw]

depression soon will overcome

time for self presorvation

others left behind

no time wasted

opening eyes

seeing what must be done

destiny unfolds travels abroad

[solo: Outlaw]

feeling of guilt

obey your thoughts

quest for answers

hidden in sadness

path leads forward

new millenium

show the truth

life has just begun

[solo: Outlaw]

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