Brutality - Subjected To Torture

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[music by Walsh/Acres, lyrics by Coker/Reigel]

confronted with humilation

restrained unable to move

subjected to torture wretched sick

preverted hunger pain intense

forced to obey life of violence

stradegy to prey on weakness

tolerance level

mentally stronger as times goes by

survive by will voice commands

device imprisons domination

initial shock change perception

defile the innocent. ridicule

[solo: Outlaw]

endless pity drugs utilized

elevating moods murderer laughing

leaving scene of crime

blood and sweat flow from body

foreign fluids ejaculated

attacked maliciously left to die

vicious criminal no remorse

for gruesome acts

searched for by authorities

eluding manhunt

diverting attention

stranger intrudes

evidence of abductions

fate is met unexpected

tortured extreme

bleeding incisions

victim paralyzed

motionless in the dark

shrieks from shadow

blind of subduer

pulled chains twisting

[solo: Outlaw]

escape impossible

enslaver to control

awaiting the sentence

let the punishment

fit the crime

time for sacrifice

sounds of pain and pleasure

total silence

subjected to torture

[solo: Outlaw]

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