Brutality - Screams Of Anguish

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Melting faces swirfing souls

Man chained to wall of doom

Eyes stare as gloom surrounds

Twisted world of agony

Destination unknown - Lost universe

Through complex and convulted pathways - Time eludes

Reoccurrences of taunting revelations

Scratching frantically to escape - World of torment

State of confusion - Filled with dread

Hateful images

Mind seduced in hypnotic trance

Pleads for eternal life - All will fail

Disenchanted agonisingly torn

Pain grips apathetically

Wounds drain - Carcass has been devoured

Chaos breeds - Xenophobic thoughts emerge

Ravaged land - Amidst destruction

Anticipates the end

Harsh enslavement - Striking with force

Explosion smashes - Penetrating - Heavily engulfed

Punished and shrivelled - Final attempt

Saddening pity violence erupting - In vicious display

Extreme power decimates

All exist deceiving

Subconscious fear


Task never-ending

Throughout this dream

Distorted perception

Controls the mind

Hostility surmounts

Trapped in a frightening maze

Twisting thorns gouge

Desensitised - Vortex opened

Silhouettes of shadows pass

Consumed by fog and mist

Scared reality

Life remains depressing

Lost in a place

You will not find

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