Brutality - Race Defects

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All through life looking for answers

Finding nothing to make beliefs reality

So many religions - Who is right or wrong?

Probably no one - Soon man will be dead and gone

Wars across the globe - Taking lives of the innocent

Leaders not caring - Protected and safe

Too many problems for this race to solve

Ceasing to exist - Another form will evolve

Humans - Animals of great intelligence

Build destructive tools - Structures already built

Crumbling! - Powered by their ignorance

Killing themselves off

Is there life in the future for the young?

Seems bleak - Time will tell

Expendable citizens ask no questions - Blinded

Brainwashing society - Doing nothing about this dying world

Marked for disaster - Who will win?

World around us - Disturbing sight

You see no end

Such a waste bowing down - We never change

Mistakes meant to teach - Arguing over the truth

Can't accept the fact we all have our opinions

Reasons for life remain unexplained

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