Brutality - In Mourning

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[music by Acres, lyrics by Coker/Acres]

[solo: Walsh]

diminishing sun

obscures the light

as darkness falls

across horizon

wind blows slowly

through the trees

change of season

brings new life

tremendous grieving

hard to bare

drags me down

traying to cope

with this bitter pain

casting shadows

crosses marching graves

destined to die

awaiting rebirth

vault of horror opens

casket laden with wreaths

rusted gates

weary sleep

face expressionless

swollen bruised lips

sewn together surgically

despite decapitation

eyes shut still

talisman placed around the neck

cloaked in veil

in mourning I cry

[solo: Walsh]

remembering the dead

deny your maker mortal fear

restless uncertainty

visions of madness rage


prayer for the deceased

searching for the meaning

next I wander that

will become

life without reason


flashing vividly

before my eyes

years of contentment

suddenly torn

times spent in harmony

and love

all those moments

will be lost in time

like tears in rain

time to die

[solo: Walsh]

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