Brutality - Cryptorium

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[Music: Acres, Gates]

[Lyrics: Coker]

Rising from the crypts below

Carcass in partially decomposed

Eternal entombment absence of life

Awakening the bodies of death

Skulls are crawling with worms

Odor of rigor mortis

Skin is ridden with disease

Corpes living in dying flesh

Emaciated bodies buried long ago

Reanimated by the necromancer

Crawling from beneath the earth

Fullfilling ancient prophecies

Wounds expose the rancid blood

Mind intranced insatiable need

To take life from the living

Into realm of unknown

Disturbing sacred burial grounds

Revealing the dark remains

Remnants of the haunting demise

Energing slowly from the crypt

Night is dark air is cold

Hungry dead take your soul

Consumption of flesh living die

It is forbidden to stay alive

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