Brutality - Crushed

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[Music: Acres, Fernandez]

[Lyrics: Coker]

Devoured by darkness

Rampageous violence

Futile resistance

Earth shall crumble

Ungodly terror

Immense destruction

The pain and the torment

Crushing the weak


Chaos rampant

Panic invades minds

Frozen in a lik of horror

Entombed within darrened chambers

Cracks appear in skulls

Structures levelled

Path of terror

Summoning nightmares

Seeing yourself

Frozen eyes... frozen

By the light

Tortured, dismembered

Walls closing in

Thoughts about your life

Scences of horror

Twisting minds

Dark dreams

Beseiged, shredded

Poised to strike

Closing in I gain in strength

Bones are crushed

Eyes gouging out of head

Mangled intestines

Fractured limbs piercing

Through the flesh

Bleeding profuself

Feel my wrath

I crush your soul

Screaming for air

Clutching your throat

Begging for mercy

You meet with doom

Muscles deformed

Life I hate

Screams of anguish

Slamming bodies to the ground

Crushing force

Ripped apart

Display of power

Feel the hands of time

Wretched life

Strangled population

Contorted faces

Glisten sympathy

Judgement for humanity

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