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Brown Sugar movie - Easy Conversation

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Song by Jill Scott<br /><br>

I like that I can talk with you<br>

And you seem to adore it<br>


I like that I can tell you<br>

exactly how I feel<br>


I like that you don't <br>

look at me in that confused kind of way<br>

when <br>

the thoughts are running through my mind<br>

and I can't seem to find the<br>

right thing to say<br>


ooh this feels nice <br>

our easy conversation <br>


ooh this feels so tight<br>

our easy conversation<br>


ooh ooh ahhh<br>

this feels nice<br>


I I I I really really like when you <br>

speak to me<br>


You never front<br>

You always tell me straight up<br>


I Do do do do <br>



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