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Brown Sugar movie - Breakdown

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Song by Mos Def<br /><br>

(1st Verse)<br>

Good evening ladies and gents, close and distant fam<br>

Let me break it down for ya'll exactly who I am...(CAV)<br>

That brotha straight off of Myrtle Ave<br>

That dude that make the other dude say that's my man, (CAV)<br>

It ain't nuttin' I want I can't have<br>

The haters know it's real and that's why they mad<br>

They struggle so hard while I just lay back<br>

They sound under pressure, sweaty and straight wack<br>

I rock like this because I ain't that, (CAV)<br>

Tell the players I'm taking the game back...<br>

Matta fact tell the coaches, the GMs, and owners<br>

Shut down the stadiums, it's ova<br>

I make the cat's in the back draw closer<br>

Get the comp choked up like white folks on Oprah<br>

Yeah you dope, but (CAV) is more doper<br>

Mo skill, mo style than mo folkas<br>

I hit the lab with good shit to smoke up<br>

And tell the sound man where I wanna go from<br>

Blow up, skit sheet across the notepad<br>

School em' all from the drop out to post grads<br>

What history book you do or don't have<br>

There's only two eras of rap, pre and post CAV<br>

Now you know that<br>

Stop the train, there's no place for the game left to go at<br>




CAV is my name but you can call me, (CAV)<br>

It's all the same abbreviated or whole<br>

Shout it out so it don't be a secret to folk it go, (CAV)<br>

Short for Cavee but I'm not from Cali<br>

I'm from the rotten apple, dirty streets and alleys<br>

Bed-Stuy Brooklyn doin'it exactly, Get at me!!!<br>


(2nd Verse)<br>

Holla!!...Like Missy and Ja Rule<br>

Ain't a crowd in the world that CAV cannot move<br>

Hot dude, cats was thinkin' it's not true<br>

But come front row at show, I got proof<br>

I went from sellin' candy in junior high school<br>

To servin' spoony g for the fiends, to gnaw to<br>

Got sent upstate on bus, (Not cool)<br>

In the yard thinkin' damn should've listen to ma duke<br>

Come home in 99, what the fuck I'm gonna do<br>

I won't move bundles, I got a new hustle<br>

I quit pie baking, started rhyme makin<br>

Buildin' up my rep to be one of the five greatest<br>

And I ain't saying CAV the best nigga out there<br>

But until he appear, I'm sittin'in his chair<br>

And I'ma need a few moments just to get in ya'll ear<br>

To make you forget the Duke was eva even here<br>

I got two words for the world, BE PREPARED!!<br>

I got three words for your girl, DON'T BE SCARED!!!<br>

And when they ask where the real hip-hop, IT'S OVA HERE!!!<br>

And when they ask where Brooklyn at, HOLD YA EAR!!!!<br>

It's like YEAH!!!!, Chris Antione Vashon<br>

Capricorn hit em' off with the classic bong and then I'm gone...<br>


Ridin' back to Brook-Lan... boyeeeeee<br>


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