Brokencyde - Still Waiting 4 U lyrics

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And everyday, I see him there (WITH YOU! )

Holding your hand, he's trying to (KISS YOU! )

I try so hard, I wanna be (WITH YOU! )

Cuz I can't take this pain, cuz I (MISS YOU! )

I won't let go, my heart will not (LET ME! )

So I'm alone, just feeling so (EMPTY! )

I'll kill myself, let the devil come (GET ME! )

And take away, the pain that you (LEFT ME! )

Verse 1:

Well I admit it

I'm jealous, I feel like givin' up

Will kill myself

But something tells me you won't give a fuck

And I don't want to waste my time

If it ain't worth it

I could jump off a roof on purpose

Until I hit the surface

So fuck the pain,

Fuck the past

And fuck your new friend

I don't want nothin' to do, with nothin' that you are doin'(x2)


Verse 2:

And I don't want to lose

The love of my life

I can't take you no where now

You probably fucked other guys

I mean, you're already with one

At least I lost everything

I know there's better things out there,

But you're my everything

The one I'm still alive for

The one I won't lose

That's why I'll do anything

Just to hold you (2x)


Verse 3:

About a year has passed me

I still miss you

I still see you with that same guy

That tried to kiss you

I'm by the phone,

Waiting for you to come home

I'm on my own

Never told you to leave me alone

So tell me,

Exactly how am I suppose to react

Before you left me

You told me that you were gonna come back (2x)

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