Brokencyde - Ride Slow lyrics

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What's up homie?

What's Up homie?


Ride real slow, m-make your speakers blow(x6)

Ride real slow


Yeah. So hit me up, if your lookin for that kill. cause it..

I got that light white russian, and i'm still puffin.

You still nothin, bitch I'm all that you ain't.

I got some goodies in my pocket, and I call in the grapes. (Aha)

Smoke kush, never fuck with the shade. Blue cheese, purple haze,

Got me stuck in a daze..

Smoke a blunt, get drunk. Pop the trunk and press play.

and listen to the motherfuckin music we make. (Motherfucker!)

Yeah, I get i popping when I hit the scene. Sip n' Lean.

Foggin up the windows in my limousine. (Bitch!)

Tell your girlfriend to quit tryin to page me.

All up on the phone like: (I love you baby) (Aha)

And you know that I'm a stunner

Got your girl on my lap

I get dome in the hummer,

26" inches off the flo in the summer

I'mma make this bitch rain

hope your ready for the thunder!


Ride real slow, m-make your speakers blow. (x6)

Ride Real Slow

(Phat J):

Cruisin and toking, smokin on that killa man.

you got that kryptonite, grippin grains, switchin lanes..

french-inhale, while I'm puffin, beat choppin.

woah, seein slow. had them blown. but i'm on your radio.

Eyes so low, I think I'm seein them wide-screens.

swagga so clean, paint job, Ice Cream...

Parkin lot pimpin, that's how we does it playa.

You know we indie foo, and we gotta get the paper.

Rollin on blazed, So i'm choppin up the concrete.

Back and forth, so were rollin on swiss-cheese.

Got me so blissed with a sip of this 4-0

Smoke up a J then I smokes up one mo.

My watch is in high timez, smellin like a lemon-lime.

My Jane that's my neck of time.

a suit as in business guys.

Gettin high, and gettin by..

Hit me like a superfly.

Cruisin into overdirve. Until I see the cops i'm like:


Ride real slow, make your speakers blow. (x6)

Ride Real Slow


Odale Vato! Que pasa..Un Fasa..

hehe hittin switches in my lo-lo eh..

You should

Ride Slow Hommie!

(Se7en, Screams. Phat J, Growls.):

Come On Everybody Ride Slow. Ride sloww. (x4)

Come on everybody Ride Slow. Ride Slow Hommie! (x4)


Ride real slow, make your speakers blow. (x6)

Ride Real slow

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