Broadway - Prometheus lyrics

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Wherever I go, heaven knows

Your foam what controls the lair

When nothing is shown for all my ____(?)

Except knowing that I'm right


We're taking the road into the unknown

We said our goodbyes

Yeah, we're gonna find the way it all went

Cuz we perpetually die(?!)

(Verse 2)

I am as broke as I'm scared, feeling around for the right path

Just take your time cuz you're almost there

You're only as strong as your worse nightmare

I don't want my cup filled with regret



That is the way you claim that you're on solid ground

While all the earth crumbles underneath your crown

Taken away, box it up and ship it out

Get ready then, responsibility at your _____(?)

Time out, got the end, do you feel like you have a good life

Or are you as broke as you're scared?

You're only as strong as your worse nightmare

Do you want your cup filled with regret


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