Broadway - One Night On Mars lyrics

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I can't see the Earth going down the course

Blinding all I've heard, it lowers with the go(?!)

Baby, you gotta shake it, my God, I just can't take it

Just won't resist it


Cuz I'm hungry for your love

I want you for your love

I (wait, I was goin')


Cuz I'm hungry for your love

You're the drug that I need

From another world

Your sex is in the air to me

(verse 2)

Stand, dance the night away, you know that you want to

Don't leave me here all by myself, sketching all the shit brand new(?!)

You're sexy, stunning and rude, we've all washed in on you(?!)

I see your side, clear your thigh, baby, I got a bed for two


Candles lit around the room

One falls down, ignore that too

All I think I see is you

So let the fire burn

Cuz it can't burn hotter than you do



Let the fire burn, burn this right from the ground

Just be me and you, rowing in the ashes down

The red goes faster than it goes (?!)

I know you know, I know you know

(Guitar solo)


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