Broadway - Artificial Love lyrics

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Girl, you're so damn sexy in a primitive sort of way

Like a vicious animal

And u cannot fathom what goes on inside my mind

Oh, I've divulged too much again


Like the damaged wolf inside me

I can't let the world combat me

(Oh-oh-oh) Do u believe what they said

(Oh-oh-oh) Or do u think for yoself

Here we go again!


My head, breakin' no sweat just a smile forsaken

So what, make up, break up if u just cant take it

Bleed out, fade out, see now, I know the truth about fakin'

It's all I have, I'd give anythin' to be ur brain stem

(Verse 2)

In every cosmic pattern, chaos is the paint & brush

Mixin' colors u can't see

But I can open up ur eyes & show u worlds that u

Could not perceive, not without me




They'll neva break me, neva shake me

Neva tear me down, not if I can reside in ur head

Please don't let them break me

Let them shake me, let them tear me down


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